Opinion | The land encroaching Dare Devils in Mendhar circuit!

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‘SDM mendhar is spot on (M J Khan) and so is the Deputy Commissioner Poonch Inderjeet!’

They believe in one singular fact that a nation becomes undeveloped as the result of corruption and lack of educational development.’! And also one fact that goes well with the world we are living in today, the rich man’s vulgarity has become the poor man’s alibi to be corrupt!

Both the men (Jehangir and Inderjeet, SDM and Deputy Commissioner have got after the land maniacs who are hell bent on looting the state lands and how this show is going on we will tell you in detail

First of all it is up to the Lt Governor to look into this all!

‘This is yet again a massive land grab scandal and the SDM has discovered something new?
The Khasra number is 555 and that also means that it is the bustand Mendhar!

As per the measurements freshly made, the total land is 17 Kanals out of which 6 kanals have been occupied by the encroachers!’
The rest could also be?

Are the officials of the PDD Department also involved! Probably yes!

There is a drain and a river Jaba where illegal constructions have come up! Shopping complexes have come up!’

‘The alibis of some lands are being used to grab these ones!’

‘Nothing to say but the issue here is corruption in the revenue department in Union Territory Jammu and Kashmir!’

‘ Total land is 17 Kanal some Marlas!’

Some land is of the PDD land and may be the Power Development Department which is also the holder of the land

Contrary to the unwritten political law of abuse, we civilians are not the doormats of democracy. Civilians are the doors, civilians are the buildings, civilians are the whole of the social anatomy. And that is we are in Mendhar and District Poonch! So do not underestimate us’! We simply hate corruption!’

It is SDM Mendhar Jehangir Khan who put his best forward forward and made a statement that the lands have been encroached in Mendhar and Bus Stand happens to be the most lucrative place!’

About the same we had been writing about for the last four years now but the action was like a standstill agreement!’

‘DC Poonch Inderjeet did take some stern actions but honestly speaking some worked and some fizzled out? Why the Revenue Department knows the best or the Revenue top guns sitting in the Secretariats!

‘But by all means this was an exceptional one, could be said that it was a Tiger’s roar!’

More such things need to be taken to eradicate and throw corruption out of the window!

Another example, how can a shopping complex come up on the banks of river Jaba or in its vicinity? It is obvious that it cannot if the revenue manuals are read into! But the influential men with heavy bank balances, muscle power and political power can simply do it! The revenue officials are mere puppets in their hands! That is exactly what is here!
If sources are to be believed the constructions are coming up where in actuality the drainage system should be in order! Mendhar town is a great place to be in but there are the Shakespeare villains like Shylock (Merchant of Venice) who want nothing but a pound of flesh to make their money making bellies stuffed up to their food pipes! And so do the revenue officials in the District Poonch want the same to happen! Horrible idea!

It is a request to the Hon’ble Governor Manoj Sinha to make a grand stand entry and punish the culprits who are involved here! By the way, there are many! This is a small beginning but be rest assured big stories have small beginnings! This is just a teaser!

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